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Retail Storage Solutions for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Increasing Efficiency in Omnichannel Fulfillment & Retail Backrooms

Customers’ expectations are changing, and retailers are experiencing an increased demand for quick ship delivery that requires a bold response to stay competitive. Retailers must evolve how they do business and incorporate the appropriate retail storage solutions necessary to maximize efficiency, from the retail warehouse to backroom storage and in-store customer pickup areas. How can eCommerce and retail brick-and-mortar stores work efficiently to process, store, pick, pack, and ship products to keep customers coming back for more?

Limited Storage Space

Traditional retail backrooms were not designed or equipped for eCommerce fulfillment. In addition to space and storage issues related to retail products, retailers need to find room to store packing supplies and make space for order picking, packing, and shipping operations to accommodate omnichannel fulfillment strategies. It is impractical and costly to relocate retail inventory to acquire the required backroom storage.

How UNEX Can Help

Retailers can leverage innovative retail storage solutions to optimize eCommerce fulfillment by maximizing storage density and accessibility in small spaces in the retail backroom and other areas of brick-and-mortar retail stores like customer pickup areas.


Solutions like SpeedCell allow retailers to maximize the number of SKUs in a storage space once reserved for a few overstocked items. Condensing a storage area is easy with products like SpanTrack and SpeedCell that provide drastically higher density than other simple retail shelving or pallet racks with static shelves.

Optimizing In-Store Pickup

Today’s brick-and-mortar retail locations are still adapting to accommodate various fulfillment methods like buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, and more. When retail stores were originally designed, the layouts encouraged browsing. Traditional store layouts did not account for omnichannel processes such as customer pickup models that are becoming increasingly popular. How can retailers implement efficient in-store pickup areas?

How Unex Can Help

Retailers can leverage innovative retail storage solutions to optimize eCommerce fulfillment by maximizing storage density and accessibility in small spaces like customer pickup areas. Condensing a storage area is easy with a product like SpeedCell that provides drastically higher density than other basic retail shelving or pallet racks with static shelves.


To implement efficient in-store pickup models, staff can benefit from high-density storage solutions that help them quickly locate items in their retail backroom, fulfill orders, and deliver products to customers at in-store pickup locations as well as curbside. Employees can use modular picking carts like SpeedCartt for order fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demands, and more.

Increase SKU availability by utilizing high-density picking carts, pick multiple orders simultaneously, and effectively stage them for pickup in-store and curbside.

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"We are exceeding performance expectations, largely because of the efficient carton flow systems from UNEX."

—      Mark Alexander | Operations Manager | Cutter & Buck

“UNEX delivered as promised. Now, if our sales reps come to me with a new product line for our customers, I have the space and flexibility to turn things around quickly.”

—      Steve Mitchell | Director of Operations | Pine State Trading Co.

“SpanTrack was just one piece of a huge transformation for the plant- but it was the piece that brought everything together.”

—      Thomas Brown | Systems Engineer | Thermo Fisher Scientific

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