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Logistics & Warehouse Storage Solutions

Enhancing Space Utilization Inside 3PL Warehouses

E-Commerce and omnichannel distribution create huge bottlenecks on the logistics side of the supply chain. Implementing logistics and dynamic storage solutions focusing on space utilization is critical to achieving efficiency improvements to compete in today's demanding environment.

Enhance Space Utilization

3PLs (third-party logistics providers) face many unique challenges when organizing and storing products within their warehouses. Since 3PLs earn revenue through temporary contracts that fluctuate frequently, it can be difficult to organize the warehouse to accommodate various product types and sizes constantly changing. This makes frequent reslotting a necessary evil in the 3PL world. 3PLs want to increase space utilization when purchasing new warehouse equipment while quickly proving ROI.

How Unex Can Help

To maximize space and support frequent reslotting, 3PL warehouses can benefit from dynamic storage solutions that are easy to install and reconfigurable. SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that easily drops into existing pallet racking to create a space-efficient and durable flow rack system for case picking and each picking. SpanTrack Wheel Bed is ideal for storing SKUs of varying shapes and sizes, making it the perfect solution for 3PLs that are frequently reslotting due to changing contracts.


Dynamic high-density storage systems like SpeedCell can help growing 3PLs maximize space by increasing storage density by up to 60%. This solution packs a punch for those looking to accommodate more SKUs in less space. SpeedCell can compress 200' of rack or shelving into 40' of highly organized space. By reducing the overall footprint of storage and order picking operations, workers in 3PL warehouses will experience less travel time, resulting in faster picks and restocking.

These solutions - used separately or in conjunction - address the unique challenges 3PLs face regarding space utilization while quickly proving ROI.

Increase Efficiency on the Loading Dock

With the increased quantities of parcels headed out the door, employees spend a lot of time staging boxes at the dock doors where they’ll be picked up. In addition, unloading trucks creates a logistical nightmare when dockside storage is disorganized. When employees load trucks with no rhyme or reason, there is an additional negative impact when employees unload the same trucks.


It is crucial to enhance the existing space utilization of the loading dock prep and receiving area. It ensures that truck and dock employees can load, unload, and store parcels logically.

How Unex Can Help

Achieve efficient storage, staging, and sequencing of parcels for shipping by implementing logistics solutions like portable or permanent gravity conveyors. Use gravity conveyors for many tasks that make truck loading and unloading much more efficient.


When staging products on permanent or portable gravity conveyors, the parcels are sequenced using First In, First Out (FIFO) best practices. These practices allow workers to stage and load products onto a truck in a specific order. This practice eliminates search time at each stop for drivers and creates the optimal unloading sequence for maximum efficiency.

To further improve efficiency, a pitched gravity conveyor allows workers to load on one end and let gravity do the work of moving boxes to the end of the dock, allowing employees to complete work more efficiently.

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“The UNEX system makes inventory control easy. We can keep track of everything we have, so when our stores need a specific paint, we can find it fast and fulfill the order accurately.”

—      Charles Aubuchon | VP of Distribution Center Operations | Aubuchon Hardware

“We are exceeding performance expectations, largely because of the efficient systems we have in place. The SpanTrack wheel beds are a big part of that picture.”

—      Mark Alexander | Operations Manager | Cutter & Buck

“There’s no other storage solution like it. There’s nothing like SpeedCell. When a customer realizes SpeedCell will work for them, it’s the only solution.”

—      Staci Deaton | Senior Partner | Indoff Inc.

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