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Flow Racks

Messy pick areas, poorly organized inventory, and strenuous reaching can cause delays, strain on workers, and increased operational costs. Modular flow racks like FlowCell and gravity flow rack systems offer a streamlined and ergonomic storage solution.

Flow Racks Speed Pick Time & Free Up Space

UNEX engineers modular flow racks and gravity flow rack systems to optimize space utilization, accelerate productivity, improve warehouse safety, and lower operational costs. These durable and flexible racks organize inventory, maximize pick efficiency, and ensure proper inventory rotation (FIFO). With their ergonomic design and reconfigurable nature, UNEX flow racks create a lean and efficient workspace, boosting production efficiency and increasing space utilization by up to 50%.



Modular, flexible workstations maximize pick efficiency for lineside storage, sub-assembly stations, and more.


Roller Rack

Pre-engineered gravity flow racks are proven to speed pick rates, increase space utilization, and ensure FIFO rotation.

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Optimize Space and Processes with FlowCell Modular Flow Racks

UNEX FlowCell modular flow racks provide a flexible, ergonomic solution that supports lean principles, organizes inventory, increases picking speeds, and optimizes space utilization across multiple industries. FlowCell's reconfigurable design allows it to adapt to changing product storage needs and accommodate growth.

  • Manufacturing: FlowCell excels in manufacturing environments by creating efficient assembly workstations, lineside storage units, and manufacturing supermarkets.
  • Order Fulfillment Centers: For order fulfillment, FlowCell streamlines processes by creating customized workstations for flow-through picking, packing, and kitting based on a facility's unique needs.
  • Retail Backrooms & Order Pickup: FlowCell's adaptability makes it ideal for configuring efficient storage and staging areas within retail backrooms and order pickup spaces of varying sizes.
  • Third-Party Logistics: As 3PLs must accommodate different product sizes for each contract, FlowCell provides an easily reconfigurable warehouse storage solution.

How Flow Racks Solve Operational Challenges

Flow racks provide a versatile solution to many of the space constraints, process inefficiencies, and ergonomic issues faced by warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, and distribution centers. Implementing modular flow rack systems delivers significant operational benefits:

  • Maximized Space Utilization: FlowCell flow racks allow facilities to increase storage capacity by up to 50% within their existing footprint. UNEX roller racks can store parts and SKUs up to seven times more densely than traditional pallet racks, drastically reducing wasted aisle space.
  • Lean Inventory Management: Flow racks support lean principles by facilitating FIFO inventory rotation, ensuring oldest stock is utilized first. Flow racks keep inventory neat, organized, and accessible to pickers, eliminating clutter and disarray on production floors and in aisles.
  • Adaptability to Growth: With modular and mobile configurations available, flow racks can be easily reconfigured as operational needs change. This allows cost-effective scalability to accommodate evolving space requirements or product mixes.
  • Improved Workplace Ergonomics: Flow racks minimize bending, reaching, and lifting by positioning inventory at proper heights. This reduces employee fatigue and injury risk, boosting productivity while decreasing costs from injured workers.


How does FlowCell compare in price to other flow racks like pipe and joint or aluminum extrusions?

Due to its extreme flexibility and modularity, thousands of FlowCell combinations can be engineered to create the ideal solution for your specific needs. This makes it very difficult to provide specific pricing! The average price of our FlowCell flow racks is around $1,000, but to get the most accurate pricing, we recommend designing your solution using our FlowCell configurator. We will send your design straight to your inbox, and one of our Space Optimization Specialists can work with you to refine the solution to meet your unique needs.

What is the capacity of a FlowCell unit?

All FlowCell posts are rated at 10,000 pounds. Mobile FlowCell units are rated at 3,000 pounds maximum (750 lbs. per caster). We recommend considering the weight of the tracks and structure when calculating total loads.

Why should I use FlowCell over pipe and joint or aluminum extrusions or install carton flow into my existing pallet rack?

While it may make sense for you to install carton flow into your existing pallet rack for certain applications, FlowCell may make more sense if you’re looking for a modular solution that offers more flexibility and allows for frequent process changes. Here are our top 4 reasons to choose FlowCell over pipe and joint or aluminum extrusions:

  1. FlowCell is much faster to install (30 to 60 minutes per unit).
  2. Pipe and joint systems are not as durable. With FlowCell, you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing broken joints.
  3. UNEX offers best-in-class flow with SpanTrack, The Original Carton Flow Track.
  4. FlowCell is a total solution that is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. Other solutions are sold as more of an “off-the-shelf” kit; because of this, customers purchase parts they don’t really need. Another downside to this approach is that customers don’t necessarily get the support they need to create solutions that are engineered specifically for their unique applications. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you are designing a FlowCell solution that will meet your immediate needs and allow maximum flexibility to adapt to process changes over time.

Can I design my own FlowCell unit?

Yes! You can configure FlowCell units using our UNEX FlowCell Configurator. The configurator tool allows you to design your own solution that will meet your specific requirements. You can start from scratch or choose from popular configurations. We will send a 3D drawing of your design straight to your inbox, and a Space Optimization Specialist will reach out to provide you with a quote.

What type of tracks work with FlowCell?

Virtually any type of track is compatible with FlowCell. We recommend using our SpanTrack carton flow rollers or SpanTrack wheel beds. UNEX Cell Track (S5) is specifically designed for use with FlowCell. The track features an integrated hanger/impact/label holder on the charge end and stop/label holder on the discharge end. UNEX Cell Track for trays (S6) is also available. High Profile, Deck, Knuckle, and gravity may also be used.

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