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Creating Effective Storage Solutions Since 1964

About UNEX

UNEX works with manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and retail operations to innovate supply chain management, one square foot at a time. In 1964, we manufactured the first cable-driven roller conveyor that offered significant cost savings over traditional belt-driven conveyors. Although our product line has grown and evolved, we remain the industry leader in dynamic storage solutions. UNEX is an ISO-certified company dedicated to providing:


A Customer-Focused Experience

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement, customer service, and empowering our employees. UNEX works with an extensive distributor channel to ensure a local expert always supports each application so every customer is satisfied.


In-house Design & Manufacturing

UNEX provides free engineering support for all our products with one goal in mind: to help customers make the most out of their existing space and keep processes and profits flowing.


On-time Shipping


We deliver what we promise. Over 99% of the orders UNEX ships arrive at their destination on time.

Making Space for Sustainability

UNEX is committed to helping warehouses, order fulfillment centers, retailers, and third-party logistics companies maintain greener operations.




Responsibly Sourced

Reducing our impact on the environment and reusing wherever possible in our day-to-day operations and what we provide for you is important to the UNEX team. That’s why most of the materials used to build UNEX storage solutions are recyclable.

Recycled materials include 70% recycled aluminum that makes product components such as:

  • SpanTrack carton flow hangers and end stops
  • Aluminum channels and rollers on our JRS Gravity Conveyor
  • Other track accessories, such as the guide rails for wheel beds and skate wheels

Built to Last

UNEX products boast greater longevity, reducing our carbon footprint from constant production and protecting customers from frequently purchasing new equipment.

Energy Efficient

UNEX warehouse storage solutions are powered by gravity, no additional energy is required to implement and operate them. As a result, not only can we streamline manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and logistics operations, our products use no energy, which lowers the facility's overall emissions.

Industries Utilizing UNEX Storage Solutions

UNEX specializes in building engineered-to-order storage solutions that help operations in various industries meet and surpass their efficiency goals. No matter what kind of facility you run, we can tailor a solution to align with your unique needs.




Order Fulfillment & Warehousing






Connect with an Expert

Get in touch with our team of space optimization experts to learn more about our industry-leading solutions.