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Industrial Workstations

What is an Industrial Workstation?

An industrial workstation is a specialized workbench designed for industrial settings, like manufacturing and assembly. Workstations are made from durable materials, such as steel or aluminum, and they often have features that make them ergonomic and easy to use. There are many variations of industrial workstations, each designed for a specific purpose. Some common types of industrial workstations include assembly workstations, kitting stations, repair workstations, and testing workstations.

By investing in well-designed industrial workstations, companies can improve worker productivity, reduce the risk of workplace injuries, enhance product quality, and streamline their operations. As manufacturing and assembly processes continue to evolve, so do the designs and capabilities of industrial workstation solutions, making them an essential component of today's operations.

Where are Industrial Workstations Utilized?

Industrial workstations can be found in many settings throughout industrial facilities, from the factory floor to shipping and receiving, serving diverse functions within each setting. These workstations are commonly utilized in:

  • Manufacturing: Workstations provide organized spaces on manufacturing production floors for component assembly, machine operation, and quality control tasks. They enhance efficiency by keeping tools and parts readily accessible, supporting lean manufacturing principles.
  • Assembly: Along production lines, workstations facilitate efficient and organized assembly processes. They can be customized for specific tasks, improving workflow and reducing errors in the assembly sequence.
  • Maintenance: In repair areas, workstations are equipped with specialized tools and diagnostics for equipment upkeep and troubleshooting. They provide a centralized hub for maintenance activities, minimizing downtime and improving repair efficiency.
  • Warehousing: Supporting inventory management, order picking, and fulfillment operations, workstations in warehouses often include features like barcode scanners and computer terminals to streamline processes and improve accuracy.
  • Packaging: In dedicated areas, workstations support efficient product packaging and labeling. They are designed to hold necessary materials and equipment, optimizing the packaging workflow and ensuring consistent quality.
  • Shipping: Found in shipping departments, these workstations are set up for order processing, weighing, and label generation. They often incorporate scales and label printers, facilitating smooth and accurate shipping operations.

Across these use cases, industrial workstations are customized to improve workflow, enhance productivity, and ensure worker safety. They provide organized spaces for various activities including kitting, testing, and repair, contributing significantly to operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

The Benefits of High-Performing Industrial Workstations

Industrial workstations are essential components in manufacturing and industrial environments, designed to optimize workflow, enhance productivity, and improve worker comfort and safety. By providing organized, ergonomic, and purpose-built work areas, high-performing industrial workstations offer numerous advantages that contribute to overall operational excellence:

Assembly worker utilizing a FlowCell Industrial Workstation
  • Increased Productivity: Providing workers with a dedicated workspace reduces time spent looking for tools and supplies, enhancing productivity.
  • Reduced Errors: An organized workstation with angled shelves and clearly labeled totes and bins increases visibility and improves accuracy.
  • Improved Safety and Ergonomics:  Tools and supplies that are easy to reach can help reduce the risk of injury, such as overexertion and repetitive stress injuries, improving workers' health and well-being.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Industrial workstations can be customized to meet a facility's specific needs, ensuring workers are more efficient and effective.

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Accelerate Productivity with UNEX FlowCell Workstations

Accelerate productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste, and maximize space with UNEX FlowCell industrial workstations. Our modular flow-through workstations utilize SpanTrack carton flow tracks and are ideal for various assembly, manufacturing, and warehousing applications. Parts can be "mixed and matched" to create your perfect solution. Rugged and durable, FlowCell is constructed of heavy gauge steel. This long-lasting solution also increases space utilization by up to 50% and is proven to boost productivity by up to 30%. Achieving peak organization and space savings in an industrial environment is possible with our fully customizable FlowCell industrial workstations.

Our flexible and durable workstations support Lean principles and can be tailored to the unique needs of your assembly operations. Keep parts organized and within reach for workers. Create FIFO inventory rotation with replenishment from the back of the unit to avoid interference with assembly processes in front. Keep the factory floor organized with totes and boxes stored underneath the workstation in return lanes.

Beyond workstations, FlowCell can be configured into various flow rack options, such as presentation racks, pick trays, lineside storage, and single lane configurations. This flexibility allows you to create ergonomic solutions that keep workers organized and efficient during assembly, kitting, packing, or testing operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and meeting the needs of diverse manufacturing and industrial applications.

Build Efficient Industrial Workstations with UNEX

UNEX designs customized flow-through industrial workstations to meet the demands of any operation, even in the harshest industrial environments. FlowCell offers unparalleled durability and versatility, with a cell capacity of 1,000 lbs per level at 8' wide and 3,000 lbs total load with casters, plus a track capacity of up to 100 lbs per ft. This construction ensures that FlowCell is one of the most rugged solutions on the market, supporting productivity in demanding settings.

The modular design of FlowCell allows for extensive customization. Posts and beams are available in various sizes, complemented by a wide range of carton flow track options, including SpanTrack dedicated lane and wheel bed models. Galvanized steel workbenches come in 12" or 18" depths, with add-on trays for inventory presentation available in 12" or 15" depths. Overhead toolbars can be added to attach tools, lighting, and other accessories, while 4" casters (rigid or swivel) provide mobility when needed.



Explore UNEX Solutions

UNEX FlowCell Industrial Workstations


FlowCell flow racks are modular, dynamic industrial workstations designed for a facility's unique operation. Our durable and portable workstations maximize efficiency and space for lineside storage, sub-assembly stations, supermarket racks, modular mobile carts, and more.

Additional Benefits Of FlowCell Include:

  • Increase space utilization by up to 50%
  • Boost production efficiency by up to 30%
  • Keep the factory floor organized
  • Minimize reaching and improve ergonomics by reducing injury and fatigue
UNEX SpanTrack Lane Roller Carton Flow

SpanTrack Lane

SpanTrack Lane is an innovative carton-flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create an efficient, reliable, and durable flow system. Depend on a robust and sturdy solution for even the most active warehouses and assembly plants.

Key benefits of Spantrack include:

  • Ensure FIFO inventory rotation
  • Reduce worker travel time by up to 75%
  • Optimized for product stacking
  • Industry-leading 7-year warranty
UNEX SpanTrack Wheel Bed Carton Flow

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create the ultimate gravity flow rack system for order picking operations, manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Additional Benefits Of Spantrack Wheel Bed Include:

  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Increase flexibility for inventory slotting with 90% left to right bay usage
  • Replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the process in front
UNEX Roller Rack Gravity Flow Rack

Roller Rack

Roller Rack is a pre-engineered gravity flow rack designed to optimize efficiency, safety, and FIFO rotation in many settings. They are pre-configured, easy to assemble, and ready when your facility needs them.

Additional Benefits Of Roller Racks Include:

  • Quick and easy to build and install
  • Create bays seven times denser than pallet position storage
  • Reduce picker travel time by up to 75%
  • Improve access and visibility while reducing strain on workers
UNEX Pick Shelves High-Density Storage

Pick Shelves

Tilted pick shelves significantly improve SKU visibility, resulting in faster order picking and more comfortable, precise picks for workers. Our easy-to-mount pick shelves are customizable and fit perfectly in racks and on workstations.

Additional Benefits Of Pick Shelves Include:

  • Integrate slow movers into the pick line to save space and increase efficiency
  • Eliminate the dead zone
  • Accelerate pick rates
  • Provide clear visibility and accessibility at the pick point and improve worker comfort

More Applications

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