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Lineside Storage Solutions

What is Lineside Storage?

Lineside storage is the strategic placement of materials, tools, and components near the production line in manufacturing and assembly operations. Keeping materials and components close to the production line helps assembly workers access the necessary parts quickly. Lineside storage solutions allow operations to optimize their assembly line processes, providing easy access to parts and streamlining replenishment.

Who Can Benefit from Lineside Storage Solutions?

For operations looking to reduce waste and improve productivity, optimizing lineside storage is essential. Well-optimized lineside storage supports lean manufacturing principles like eliminating waste and continuous improvement. Lean-focused facilities, or those looking to adopt lean practices, can experience tremendous benefits from implementing efficient lineside storage solutions.

How Lineside Storage Solves Manufacturing and Assembly Challenges

Lineside storage makes manufacturing more efficient by keeping tools, supplies, and resources nearby. This reduces the time workers spend stopping or slowing down production to retrieve items from faraway places such as manufacturing supermarkets. By having everything close at hand, workers can stay focused on their tasks and maintain a steady workflow. This ultimately leads to better manufacturing outcomes.

There are many benefits of implementing lineside storage solutions, but the most significant include:

  • Reduced Handling Time: Positioning materials near where needed minimizes the time spent moving items around the factory. This cuts down on unnecessary delays in production.
  • Enhanced Just-In-Time (JIT) Practices: Lineside storage aligns perfectly with JIT manufacturing, ensuring that components are available exactly when needed, reducing inventory carrying costs.
  • Improved Quality Control: Having materials at hand allows for better oversight. Errors can be spotted and corrected quickly, maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing process.
  • Increased Flexibility: By keeping essential materials close to the assembly line, it's easier to adapt to changes in production, whether it's a sudden rush order or a shift in design requirements.
  • Cost Reductions: By storing materials closer to the production line, manufacturing operations can significantly reduce labor costs by eliminating inefficient and time-intensive travel.
  • Better Space Utilization: The strategic use of lineside storage increases space utilization by creating a productive environment where everything is in its right place. 

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Optimize Your Facility with UNEX Lineside Storage Solutions

UNEX FlowCell is utilized by manufacturing and assembly facilities nationwide to maximize efficiency across their operations. FlowCell flow racks are durable, modular structures that can be customized to a facility's unique needs and configured in various ways to support lineside processes. FlowCell offers lineside flexibility by delivering inventory and components directly to production lines, maintaining product organization, and maximizing space utilization. 

FlowCell's modular construction allows businesses to accommodate line and process changes with ease. Units can be scaled up or down, rearranged, and expanded over time. FlowCell can also be used to create lean industrial workstations in and around assembly lines.

FlowCell lineside storage solutions provide inventory and components where they are needed while supporting just-in-time principles, minimizing waste, movement, and excess inventory. Thus, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Improve Efficiency and Optimize Space with UNEX Lean Manufacturing Solutions

We understand the critical challenges faced by industries ranging from manufacturing to warehousing and order fulfillment, retail, and third-party logistics (3PLs). UNEX solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and increase space utilization throughout the supply chain.

Whether you're aiming to streamline workflows, increase storage density, or speed up order fulfillment, UNEX has the expertise and products to help you achieve your operational goals. To learn more about the benefits of implementing efficient lineside storage solutions or to get started with FlowCell, contact UNEX today!


Explore UNEX Solutions

UNEX FlowCell Mobile Flow Racks


FlowCell flow racks are modular, dynamic storage units designed for a facility's unique operation. Our durable and portable workstations maximize efficiency and space for warehousing, lineside storage, sub-assembly stations, supermarket racks, modular mobile carts, and more.

Additional Benefits Of FlowCell Include:

  • Increase space utilization by up to 50%
  • Boost production efficiency by up to 30%
  • Keep the factory floor organized
  • Minimize reaching and improve ergonomics by reducing injury and fatigue
UNEX SpanTrack Carton Flow Lanes

SpanTrack Lane

SpanTrack Lane is an innovative carton-flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create an efficient, reliable, and durable flow system. Depend on a robust and sturdy solution for even the most active warehouses and assembly plants.

Key benefits of Spantrack include:

  • Ensure FIFO inventory rotation
  • Reduce worker travel time by up to 75%
  • Optimized for product stacking
  • Industry-leading 7-year warranty
UNEX SpanTrack Carton Flow Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create the ultimate gravity flow rack system for warehouses, order picking operations, manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Additional Benefits Of Spantrack Wheel Bed Include:

  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Increase flexibility for inventory slotting with 90% left to right bay usage
  • Replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the process in front
UNEX Pick Shelves - Industrial Shelving Solution

Pick Shelves

Tilted pick shelves significantly improve SKU visibility, resulting in faster order picking and more comfortable, precise picks for workers. Our easy-to-mount pick shelves are customizable and fit perfectly in racks and on workstations.

Additional Benefits Of Pick Shelves Include:

  • Integrate slow movers into the pick line to save space and increase efficiency
  • Eliminate the dead zone
  • Accelerate pick rates
  • Provide clear visibility and accessibility at the pick point and improve worker comfort
UNEX Roller Rack Gravity Flow Rack Solution

Roller Rack

Roller Rack is a pre-engineered gravity flow rack designed to optimize efficiency, safety, and FIFO rotation in many settings. They are pre-configured, easy to assemble, and ready when your facility needs them.

Additional Benefits Of Roller Racks Include:

  • Quick and easy to build and install
  • Create bays seven times denser than pallet position storage
  • Reduce picker travel time by up to 75%
  • Improve access and visibility while reducing strain on workers

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