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Warehouse Storage Solutions for 3PLs

What are Third-Party Logistics Providers?

A third-party logistics (3PL) provider is a company that provides logistics services to other businesses. 3PLs handle inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping/delivery for multiple clients out of the same warehouse. They must know and utilize best practices in the industry and integrate the latest technical developments to provide the best services for their clients.

Who Can Benefit from a 3PL?

Third-party logistics providers have warehouses in strategic locations across the nation and worldwide. Businesses can grow their markets with low costs and adjust fulfillment services as needed by partnering with a 3PL. Companies can focus on their core competencies when a 3PL takes over their warehousing operations.

UNEX SpeedCell Storage for Third-Party Logistics Providers

What are the benefits of using a 3PL?

  • Increased flexibility: 3PLs can help businesses improve flexibility by allowing them to scale their logistics operations up or down as needed. Scaling logistics operations can be especially beneficial for companies that experience seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  • Improved efficiency: Third-party logistics providers can help businesses improve their efficiency by streamlining logistics operations, which leads to faster order processing, shorter lead times, and improved customer service.
  • Reduced risk: Businesses reduce their risk by allowing a 3PL to manage their logistics operations, freeing up their time to focus on core competencies and avoid the risks associated with managing their logistics operations.
  • Cost savings: Utilizing a 3PL can often save businesses money on logistics costs. 3PLs have the economies of scale to negotiate lower rates with carriers and warehousing providers.

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Why Storage Matters in 3PL Warehouse Management

For third-party logistics (3PL) providers, efficient warehouse storage solutions are crucial. Inventory needs fluctuate as clients add or remove products, requiring warehouses to adapt quickly. Maximizing space utilization allows 3PLs to accommodate these dynamic changes seamlessly.

3PLs serve diverse industries, from pharmaceuticals to consumer goods, each with varying product sizes and storage requirements. To handle this versatility, warehouse storage systems must be flexible and scalable, enabling 3PLs to store and manage different item types within the same facility.

When investing in warehouse storage solutions, 3PLs need to generate a quick return on investment to justify costs. Optimized 3PL storage solutions that increase capacity, reduce labor expenses, and enhance operational efficiency can quickly provide a compelling ROI.

UNEX Warehouse Storage Solutions for 3PLs

Overcome 3PL Warehouse Challenges with Dynamic Storage Solutions from UNEX

When additional warehouse space is needed, it is only sometimes financially feasible to build a new location or find warehouse space to lease for the right price. Land, rent, building, machinery, labor, and inventory costs can be daunting. One of the best options is to examine your existing warehouse to utilize the space better.

Dynamic storage solutions from UNEX can help 3PLs overcome space challenges. SpeedCell dynamic industrial shelving can increase storage density by 60%, allowing 3PL warehouses to store more products in the same space, reduce labor costs, and improve order fulfillment accuracy.
SpanTrack carton flow can help 3PLs increase storage capacity and improve efficiency by automatically flowing inventory to the pick point, reducing the time it takes to pick orders and replenish stock. Efficiency improvements can lead to faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

Dynamic flow rack solutions, like UNEX FlowCell, can maximize space utilization by up to 50%. Plus, FlowCell can help create a safer working environment for 3PL warehouse workers by minimizing reaching and improving ergonomics, reducing injury and fatigue.

Optimize Space with UNEX 3PL Warehouse Storage Solutions

Dynamic warehouse storage solutions from UNEX are easy-to-install and reconfigurable according to the current needs of the 3PL warehouse. They address common pain points of 3PLs, such as ROI, by being an immediately implementable cost-effective solution, and it’s quick to see the results.

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Explore UNEX Solutions


SpanTrack Lane

SpanTrack Lane is an innovative carton-flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create an efficient, reliable, and durable flow system. Depend on a robust and sturdy solution for even the most active warehouses and assembly plants.

Key benefits of Spantrack include:

  • Ensure FIFO inventory rotation
  • Reduce worker travel time by up to 75%
  • Optimized for product stacking
  • Industry-leading 7-year warranty


SpeedCell is a dynamic warehouse storage solution uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing space within standard pallet racking. Its compact design can compress 200′ of rack or shelving into 40′ of highly organized space.

Key benefits of SpeedCell include:

  • Transform vacant space into useable storage and increase storage density by 40-60%
  • Create a highly efficient and accurate pick 
  • Reduce picker travel time by 80%
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 40% 

Pick Shelves

Tilted pick shelves significantly improve SKU visibility, resulting in faster order picking and more comfortable, precise picks for workers. Our easy-to-mount pick shelves are customizable and fit perfectly in racks and on workstations.

Additional Benefits Of Pick Shelves Include:

  • Integrate slow movers into the pick line to save space and increase efficiency
  • Eliminate the dead zone
  • Accelerate pick rates
  • Provide clear visibility and accessibility at the pick point and improve worker comfort

Roller Rack

Roller Rack is a pre-engineered gravity flow rack designed to optimize efficiency, safety, and FIFO rotation in many settings. They are pre-configured, easy to assemble, and ready when your facility needs them.

Additional Benefits Of Roller Racks Include:

  • Quick and easy to build and install
  • Create bays seven times denser than pallet position storage
  • Reduce picker travel time by up to 75%
  • Improve access and visibility while reducing strain on workers


SpeedCartt is a mobile, high-density picking cart solution that is reliable in the most demanding environments. Constructed from the same lightweight yet heavy-duty materials as SpeedCell, SpeedCartt improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Additional Benefits Of SpeedCartt Include:

  • Increase pick facings
  • Reduce travel times
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Pick multiple orders at the same time for maximum efficiency

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create the ultimate gravity flow rack system for order picking operations, manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Additional Benefits Of Spantrack Wheel Bed Include:

  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Increase flexibility for inventory slotting with 90% left to right bay usage
  • Replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the process in front


FlowCell flow racks are modular, dynamic storage units designed for a facility's unique operation. Our durable and portable workstations maximize efficiency and space for lineside storage, sub-assembly stations, supermarket racks, modular mobile carts, and more.

Additional Benefits Of FlowCell Include:

  • Increase space utilization by up to 50%
  • Boost production efficiency by up to 30%
  • Keep the factory floor organized
  • Minimize reaching and improve ergonomics by reducing injury and fatigue

Gravity Conveyors

Durable, efficient gravity conveyors move all types of loads throughout a facility. Our extensive line of roller and wheel conveyor solutions are easy to install, made to order, and proven to increase warehouse efficiency and throughput significantly.

Additional Benefits Of Gravity Conveyors Include:

  • Replace high-maintenance solutions with rugged, low-maintenance gravity conveyors
  • Save time and money with lengths manufactured to the inch
  • All steel construction for increased durability
  • Improve efficiency and throughput

Pallet Track

Pallet Track is a durable pallet flow solution that utilizes rollers or wheel rails to optimize flow for fast-moving inventory. Our high-quality pallet tracks increase efficiency and storage density and can be customized to fit an operation’s unique needs.

Key benefits of Pallet Track include:

  • Select from a variety of track lengths and mounting options 
  • Increase storage density
  • Reduce fork truck operations
  • Decrease damage to inventory

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