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Carton Flow Storage

Whether you have bulky boxes or beer kegs to store, SKUs to move, or orders to fulfill, our SpanTrack and Shelf Track products provide the most reliable, durable, and efficient carton flow systems in the industry.

Carton Flow Maximizes Space and Increases Efficiency

Carton flow storage solutions from UNEX dramatically improve productivity and accuracy on the pick line, maximize SKU storage, and minimize strain on pickers. The first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation reduces picker strain while allowing you to optimize every inch of warehouse storage space. With carton flow racks that accommodate various loads and inventory types, UNEX offers the most flexible and reliable flow storage systems to meet your warehouse needs.


SpanTrack Lane

Efficient, durable carton flow rollers that drop into existing structures to create the ultimate carton flow rack system.


SpanTrack Wheel Bed

Superior, made-to-order carton flow beds that drop into existing structures to create flexible storage for cartons of varying widths.


SpanTrack Keg Flow

Maximize floor space and improve stock rotation for beer kegs with high-density keg storage solutions.


Shelf Track

Replace unreliable plastic wheel rails with a durable, drop-in carton flow track system.

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Optimize Your Space and Processes with Carton Flow

Carton flow storage solutions help companies optimize every square foot of warehouse space for maximum efficiency, increasing storage capacity. By using gravity to move inventory, carton flow racks promote smooth, automatic FIFO inventory rotation while condensing footprint. This allows fulfillment centers to store more inventory within reach, boosting picker productivity.

With their space-saving design and intuitive operation, carton flow solutions are an ideal way to optimize warehouse space. The dynamic nature of these systems allows companies to store more inventory on-site, ensuring products are available to fulfill customer orders without delay. By implementing carton flow storage, businesses can increase space utilization, reduce labor costs, and streamline order fulfillment.

Every warehouse has distinct requirements, so it's important to choose carton flow solutions that align with your inventory profile, SKU variety, order volume, and business objectives.

How Carton Flow Solutions Solve Warehouse Challenges

An inefficient warehouse layout prevents companies from maximizing productivity and profitability. Long pick paths, disorganized inventory, and inefficient storage all lead to wasted space, time, and money. Implementing carton flow systems, however, provides significant benefits across warehouse operations:

  • Maximized Storage Capacity: Carton flow utilizes the full height and depth of pallet rack shelves to optimize every inch of available space. This allows warehouses to store significantly more inventory in the same footprint.
  • Minimized Errors, Maximizing Efficiency: High carton visibility and strategic layouts minimize search time for pickers, reducing the chance of errors. Streamlined processes also boost picker productivity and order accuracy.
  • Effortless FIFO Inventory Management: Carton flow's gravity-fed design automatically rotates stock, ensuring oldest inventory is picked first. This prevents perishable goods from spoiling and simplifies inventory management overall.
  • Improved Ergonomics and Reduced Labor Costs: Items are always within pickers' ergonomic "golden zone", reducing injury risk and strain. Increased efficiency per picker also minimizes labor costs as employees save time searching for and picking SKUs to fulfill orders.


How quickly can I get a carton flow solution installed?

All UNEX products are engineered-to-order, and lead time depends on the size and complexity of your order. However, average lead times for our SpanTrack solution range from 5 to 12 weeks.

How is UNEX carton flow better or different than the competition or what we already have?

Several key differentiators make SpanTrack the leading carton flow solution. Here are the top 5 reasons why SpanTrack is better than other carton flow solutions:

  1. SpanTrack carton flow solutions provide the most surface contact, so weight is distributed evenly to optimize product flow and eliminate hang-ups on the track.
  2. Shelf Track carton flow systems provide up to 300% more product contact than plastic wheel rails.
  3. UNEX carton flow solutions increase throughput by up to 150% compared to picking from pallets.
  4. SpanTrack and Shelf Track’s patented design easily drops into existing structures with very little effort.
  5. UNEX carton flow solutions are backed by an industry-leading 7-year warranty.

When should I use carton flow rollers, and when should I use wheel beds?

If your SKU locations vary in size and often change, wheel beds (SpanTrack Wheel Bed) are recommended for maximum flexibility left-to-right for re-slotting. Dedicated lanes (SpanTrack Lane) are recommended for fixed or predictable SKU locations.

Why should I use steel carton flow rollers instead of aluminum? What is the cost difference?

Steel rollers are more durable than aluminum rollers and have a low slope needed for long runs. Steel rollers are more expensive, but they are built to withstand difficult workflows and are backed by a 7-year warranty.

Can SpanTrack be relocated after installation?

Yes, SpanTrack easily drops into existing pallet racks and can easily be relocated to other areas or facilities as needed.

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