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Pick Modules

What are Pick Modules?

 A pick module system or warehouse pick module is a multi-level, engineered system comprising various storage mediums designed to move SKUs throughout a fulfillment operation. These systems utilize several space-saving solutions to store SKUs according to throughput.
By examining the total SKUs within your warehouse and analyzing slow-movers, medium-movers, and fast-movers, you are able to determine the perfect combination of storage mediums to assign each SKU to its optimal position (or slot).
In a high-performing order picking operation, pick module systems use various static shelving, tilted pick shelving, high-density storage, carton flow, pallet flow, and conveyors. Implementing these solutions creates maximum order picking efficiency and increases SKU density.

Pick Module System Benefits

Pick module systems are strategically designed to improve overall performance within an order fulfillment operation. A highly effective pick module aims to optimize the cubic space within a warehouse to minimize the amount of time order pickers spend searching for and picking SKUs to fulfill orders.
The ultimate goal of any fulfillment operation is to increase speed while driving down costs, and a thoughtfully designed warehouse pick module is a significant part of achieving that goal.
The use of a warehouse pick module is beneficial to operations across several different industries including:


Optimize Your Pick Module With UNEX

UNEX designs engineered-to-order space-saving solutions that are highly effective within a multitude of pick modules. Implementing UNEX order picking solutions within a warehouse pick module increases throughput and pick rates while decreasing mispicks and improving ergonomics at the point of pick.
Customized to meet the needs of a variety of applications, UNEX offers solutions such as dynamic pallet flow, carton flow tracks, high-density storage systems, mobile order picking carts, and more.
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Increase SKU Density

UNEX’s carton flow system, SpanTrack, is ideal for medium-moving SKUs. This innovative carton flow solution drops into an existing pallet rack to create a robust flow system for any operation. Whether you’re looking for full-width roller lanes, universal wheel beds, or a combination of both, SpanTrack can maximize space within your facility and increase throughput up to 150% compared to picking from a pallet.

Explore UNEX Solutions

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create the ultimate gravity flow rack system for order picking operations, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Key benefits of SpanTrack Wheel Bed include:

  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Increase flexibility for inventory slotting with 90% left to right bay usage
  • Replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the process in front


SpeedCell is a dynamic warehouse storage solution uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing space within standard pallet racking. Its compact design can compress 200′ of rack or shelving into 40′ of highly organized space.

Key benefits of SpeedCell include:

  • Transform vacant space into useable storage and increase storage density by 40-60%
  • Create a highly efficient and accurate pick 
  • Reduce picker travel time by 80%
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 40%

More Applications

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