Logistics and Loading Dock Solutions

Optimizing Your Logistics Warehouse with Dynamic Loading Dock Solutions

E-Commerce and omnichannel distribution create huge bottlenecks on the logistics side of the supply chain. Store replenishment that was typically picked once per week, in batches, must now be picked and processed individually for quick ship distribution. While this creates problems for order pickers, it also creates a huge number of parcels that need to be delivered. To achieve the efficiency improvements to compete in today’s competitive eCommerce omnichannel environment, implementing logistics and loading dock solutions that focus on space utilization and distribution efficiency are key.

Truck Unloading
Loading Dock Efficiency

Loading Dock Solutions

Distribution Efficiency: Loading and Unloading Trucks Quickly to Improve Throughput


Loading and unloading trucks is extremely labor-intensive, especially in facilities without dock doors. Without a dock door, parcels need to be lifted into or lowered from a trailer at approximately a 48-inch height. The height difference can cause inefficiencies in the distribution process costing logistics companies time and money.

In addition, workplace injuries are more likely to affect these parcel handlers as this task is not optimized for workplace ergonomics.

Flexible Conveyor Loading Dock Solutions


The best way to unload a truck with the quickest ROI would be a gravity-powered expandable conveyor. This logistic solution allows parcel handlers to expand the conveyor deeper into the trailer as they unload trucks, which limits the lifting, carrying, and walking time. By leveraging gravity, distribution efficiency can be achieved while safeguarding employees from unnecessary strain-related workplace injuries.

UNEX flex wheel series gravity conveyor allows logistics providers to instantly establish conveyor lines anywhere, anytime. With a system so lightweight and flexible, this versatile and portable gravity conveyor can integrate seamlessly into existing conveying systems, or be there when you need it for highly effective loading/unloading.

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Enhancing Space Utilization and Logistics Organization on the Loading Dock


With the increased quantities of parcels headed out the door, a lot of time is spent staging boxes at the dock doors where they’ll be picked up. In addition, unloading trucks creates a logistical nightmare when dockside storage is disorganized. When trucks are loaded with no rhyme or reason, there is an additional negative impact when the same trucks are unloaded.

To optimize distribution efficiency, it is crucial to enhance the existing space utilization of the loading dock prep and receiving area to ensure that trucks are dock employees can load/unload and storage parcels in a logical way.

Gravity Conveyor Loading Dock Solutions


Efficiently storing, staging, and sequencing the parcels for shipping can be achieved by implementing logistics solutions. A portable or permanent gravity conveyor can be used for all of these tasks, making it quicker to load trucks.

When products are staged on permanent or portable gravity conveyors, the parcels are sequenced using First In, First Out (FIFO) best practices. This allows workers to stage products to be loaded onto a truck in a specific order. So, the first items loaded on the conveyor and truck would be the driver’s last stop and progress throughout their route. This eliminates searching time at stops and creates the optimal unloading sequence for maximum efficiency.

To further improve efficiency, a pitched gravity conveyor allows workers to load on one end and let gravity do the work of moving the boxes to the end of the dock, allowing them to get more work done more efficiently.

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