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span//track wheel bed

How flexible is your carton flow? If you’re not using Span-Track, the answer may be “not enough.”

Span-Track wheel beds are engineered to meet the unique demands of your order picking operation. Span-Track wheel bed will maximize product flexibility and flow. Span-Track wheel bed gives you:

  • Pumped up pick rates. – Increases throughput by 150% compared to picking from a pallet.
  • Ultimate flexibility. – Multiple-sized products can be positioned within the same shelf level.
  • Less travel time for order pickers. – Having items closer together will reduce travel time between picks.
  • Better use of storage space. – Span-Track wheel beds will help you maximize space and create ideal FIFO storage for products.
  • Keep it simple. – Reslot without having to move tracks.
  • Easy installation. – Drop-in design makes for simple installation.
  • Capacity options. – Available in light, standard, and heavy duty options.
  • Guaranteed fit. – Customized end treatments designed to fit any type of pallet rack beam.
  • Knuckled options. – Available in straight track for full case picking or knuckled track for split case order picking.
  • Clearance. – Patented track notching that reduces the height of the track within your pallet rack.
  • Durability. – Built to take a beating and backed by a seven year warranty from UNEX.

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