SpeedCartt Modular Order Fulfillment Solution

A fast mobile picking cart that can supplement order fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demands, and more.

Configurable for either single-sided or back-to-back storage, SpeedCartt allows greater SKU availability than individual boxes and bins and is ideal for high circulation areas. A proprietary design and made from the same durable yet lightweight textile as SpeedCell, SpeedCartt provides years of convenience, safety assurance and long-term usability wherever and whenever you need it.

SpeedCartt comes in 4 different Cartt sizes and 8 different column sizes, making 16 different Cartt combinations. While constructed to provide superior flexibility in most order picking or piece-work circumstances, custom solutions are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased pick facings
  • Reduced travel times
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Multiple orders can be picked at the same time for maximum efficiency
  • Five year warranty against material defect and workmanship
  • Cell capacity 35 lbs. (15 kgs); column capacity 240 lbs. (110 kgs)
  • Operating Temperature of -20° F to 180° F (-29° C to 82° C)
  • Mold Resistant – Flame Resistant – Static Resistant
  • Non-fraying polyester mesh textile

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