Pick Shelves

Improve SKU visibility and order picking accuracy when you eliminate the dead zone with metal pick shelves.

UNEX Pick Shelves

Angled pick shelves from UNEX accelerate order picking rates, improve worker comfort, and eliminate the dead zone. Our innovative pick shelves help manufacturers integrate slow movers into the pick line to save space and improve efficiency. Our Pick Shelf products work in a variety of settings:

  • On workstations, such as FlowCell from UNEX, giving pickers the most precise and efficient pick possible.
  • In racks, where adjustable shelving and pick trays provide the most durable, flexible and accessible pick points for workers.

It’s time to pick with precision. UNEX pick shelves offer portable and rack solutions, all designed to deliver the highest value for your operation. Our space optimization specialists can help you determine which will bring the most benefit to your operation. Contact one now.

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