Keep productivity and profitability on track with the most flexible, durable and efficient carton flow solution on the market.

Developed by UNEX, Span-Track is the industry’s original carton flow track. Span-Track will help you step up productivity on the pick line, maximize space, and create a safer working environment for your people.

Span-Track is an innovative carton flow solution that drops into your existing structures to create a robust flow system for your operation. Our full-width roller lanes and universal wheel beds are engineered-to- order to create the ultimate order picking environment for your operation.

Four Great Reasons to Choose Span-Track

  1. Superior Flow
    • Get unrivaled product flow with Span-Track Lane and Span-Track Bed
    • Reduce imprinting and hang-ups with up to 300% more surface area for conveying product compared to other carton flow options
  2. Flexibility
    • Create dynamic storage with drop-in designs that fit into any pallet rack
    • Simply adjust beams to optimize pitch and product clearance
    • Choose from multiple Span-Track capacity options and accessories to improve your operation’s pickability* score
  3. Efficiency
    • Organize and condense inventory
    • Ensure FIFO rotation
    • Reduce travel time between picks
    • Accelerate order picking with better visibility and access to SKUs
    • Easily reslot and re-configure
    • Increase space utilization up to 50%
  4. Durability
    • Meet the rigors of order picking with conveyor made of tough steel construction
    • Choose high capacity options up to 100 lbs per foot
    • Never worry about maintenance with our 7-year warranty

Which Span-Track is right for you? Take the quiz:

    1. Do you reprofile often?
    2. Does your product have a high variance in width?
    3. Will you reuse your tracks in other parts of your facility (or other facilities)?
    4. Do you have seasonal merchandise?
    5. Do you control the packaging sizes of the products you inventory?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, visit the Span-Track Wheel Bed page.