Case Picking

Order picking is a core warehouse and distribution center function. It is the process of picking and collecting product in a specified quantity to fulfill customers’ orders.

Facilities use a variety of picks in their operations, including full case picking and each picking (split case picking).

Case Picking

In case picking, product is picked in full case or carton quantities from a variety of storage mediums: pallet positions, carton flow and shelving. For most operations, the majority of faster movers are picked from pallet positions. Medium to slow moving products are generally picked from carton flow. Slow moving products are picked from shelving. When workers pick product, they typically pick the item to a pallet, cart or conveyor. As the picker travels the aisles selecting product, orders are grouped and sequenced for shipping.

UNEX Solutions for Case Picking

UNEX has a comprehensive line of products to help you case pick your medium to slow moving products with speed and accuracy. Our case flow systems:

  • Drop into your existing structure, creating FIFO rotation and ensuring product is always at the pick point
  • Eliminate the need to reach and bend into the rack structure, eliminating stress and strain on your workers
  • Condense and organize SKUs to reduce travel time and maximize space utilization

For slow moving products, UNEX manufactures tilted pick shelving designed to hold smaller quantities and present them to order pickers so they can pick product without having to reach and bend into the rack. Storing product on shelving condenses and organizes SKUs to reduce travel time and maximize space utilization.

For faster moving products, UNEX manufactures a basic line of pallet conveyor that provides dynamic storage for pallets. Picking from a pallet is ideal for faster moving products because operators don’t have to double handle the product to load the product into shelving. They simply load the entire pallet as a location on the pick line.

Through the use of SKUBE, UNEX’s proprietary slotting analysis tool, we can analyze your throughput, determine the best storage medium for your product, and then design the most efficient way for your pickers to pick, integrating pallet positions, carton flow and shelving.