Each Picking

Order picking is a core warehouse and distribution center function. It is the process of picking and collecting product in a specified quantity to fulfill customers’ orders.

Facilities use a variety of picks in their operations, including full case picking and each picking (split case picking).

Each Picking

In each picking, also referred to as split case picking, a product is sold at less than full case quantities, so order pickers need to individually select the product out of a master case or carton. For most operations, each picking represents a smaller percentage of picks. However, for direct-to-consumer operations, the majority of orders are each picked. Each picks typically use carton flow or shelving systems. These systems should be designed to present the product to the order picker so the worker can select an individual piece without interference. After being picked, the product is placed into tote or master carton and transported via conveyor or cart to the next stage of the order picking process.

UNEX Solutions for Each Picking

To determine the best solutions for your unique operation, our first step is to conduct an in-depth analysis of your space, SKUs and flow. We use SKUBE, our slotting analysis software, to analyze product movement and then create the ideal order picking solutions for your facility.

Our solutions include tilted pick shelves/trays and knuckled track that increase pick rates and improve accuracy. Carton flow is used for longer each pick systems (>3 feet). Our solutions offer:

  • Excellent access and visibility with tilted trays, knuckled ends and lay back lanes
  • Extended track beyond the rack so you can have a layback design that will save vertical space and give you the lowest level access to SKUs
  • Labels and label holders, light bars and mounting devices, all designed to support efficient split case picking
  • Condensed storage for SKUs to maximize slotting and reduce travel time on the pick line
  • Improved ergonomics, resulting in less strain and fatigue for workers