RESPONSIBLY SOURCED Space-Saving Solutions Built with Repurposed and Recycled Materials

Reducing our impact on the environment and reusing wherever possible in both our day-to-day operations and what we provide for yours is important to the UNEX team. That’s why most of the materials used to build UNEX storage solutions are recyclable.

Recycled materials include 70% recycled aluminum that makes product components such as:

  • SpanTrack carton flow hangers and end stops

  • Aluminum channels and rollers on our JRS Gravity Conveyor

  • Other rack accessories, such as the guide rails for wheel beds and skate wheels

BUILT TO LAST Durable Products Built for the Harshest Environments

In addition to recyclable materials that go into production, our products boast greater longevity, which reduces our carbon footprint from constant production and protects customers' from having to constantly purchase new equipment.

We’re also proud to pair our sustainable-sourcing with internal efforts to implement sustainable practices such as recycling in our facility and offices. The small amount of excess material created in manufacturing is carefully sorted and sent out for recycling. This includes aluminum chips, sheet metal punch holes and cuts. Paper, cardboard, solvents, glass, and plastics are also recycled.

ENERGY EFFICIENT Save Energy With Gravity-Powered Storage Solutions

Because UNEX warehouse storage solutions are powered by gravity, there is no additional energy required to implement and operate them. Not only can we streamline manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and logistics operations, our products use no energy which lowers the facility’s overall emissions.

Sustainable Design Engineering Future Solutions with Recycled Materials

On average, the amount of recycled material used to engineer UNEX solutions is 54%-63%. We look for every opportunity to use recycled materials in our solutions, as well as design components for recyclability.

  • FlowCell: Our modular storage and workstation solution is made of 55% recycled material and some FlowCell components can be recycled after use.

  • SpanTrack: Our carton flow system is made of 60% recycled material. Some parts such as the individual aluminum components on SpanTrack are 100% recyclable.