Shelf Track Benefits & Features

Shelf Track carton flow shelving systems provide 300% more surface area compared to unreliable plastic wheel rails. Our drop-in design creates an efficient and accessible pick point for workers, increases productivity, reduces maintenance costs, and eliminates hang-ups on the track.


  • Eliminate hang-ups 
  • Use with any shelf
  • Achieve unrivaled flow 
  • Create an easy-to-reach pick point 
  • Minimize maintenance or replacement costs 


  • Drop-in design for easy installation
  • Freezer/cooler rated
  • Efficiently handles cartons and totes
  • Capacity up to 50 lbs per foot, depending on shelf capacity
  • Available in lengths cut to the quarter-inch
  • 7-year warranty

Shelf Track Lane - Carton Flow Shelving

Shelf Track Lane

Provides 300% more product contact than plastic wheel-rail with no imprinting or hang-ups.

Shelf Track Wheel Bed - Carton Flow Shelving

Shelf Track Bed

Wheel beds increase flexibility with slotting, providing 90% left to right bay usage.

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