SpanTrack Wheel Bed Benefits & Features

Durable and dependable SpanTrack carton flow beds maximize space and throughput for inventories of varying shapes and sizes. Our engineered-to-order universal carton flow beds create superior flexibility and increase space utilization throughout your operation.

  • Add to any new or existing pallet rack; no shelves or intermediate support required
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Create a sturdy solution for even the most active warehouses and assembly plants
  • Eliminate hang-ups with 300% more product contact than plastic wheel rails
  • Reduce travel time for order pickers
  • Drop-in design for easy installation
  • Freezer/cooler rated to below zero 
  • Light, standard, and heavy-duty capacity choices 
  • Knuckled end treatment for improved ergonomic each picks 
  • Customizable end treatments that attach easily to any pallet rack setup 
  • Interior notching to save vertical space 
  • Available in to-the-inch increments 
  • Maximum flexibility left-to-right for easy re-slotting
  • Shark fin infeed guides to ease replenishment
  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • 7-year warranty

UNEX SpanTrack Carton Flow Beds

Superior Flexibility

Multiple-sized products can be positioned within the same shelf level, making re-slotting simple.

UNEX SpanTrack Carton Flow Bed Infeed Guides

Infeed Guides

Carton flow bed “shark fin” design snaps onto axles, guiding product replenishment.

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Configurator Build a Carton Flow Solution with Our Free Design Tool

Build a carton flow solution that pairs well with your existing structures. SpanTrack Lane and SpanTrack Wheel Bed easily drop into existing structures, maximize space, and boost bottom lines.

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Companies that Choose UNEX Carton Flow Solutions

Case Study Making Room for More SKUs in the Same Freezer Footprint with SpanTrack

SpanTrack Wheel Bed gives grocery store wholesaler room for hundreds of new SKUs in already-packed freezers.

Download Case Study
Case Study Supplier ‘Knuckles Down’ with SpanTrack to Ensure Seamless Flow of Automotive Components

Diversity Vuteq chooses heavy-duty SpanTrack roller lanes to help the just-in-time supplier move thousands of automotive components of all shapes and sizes every day.

Download Case Study
Case Study Deli Doors + SpanTrack Get Workers Out of the Cold and Heat Up Productivity

SpanTrack helps Thermo Fisher Scientific overcome a sluggish, freezing pick scenario with a freezer area redesign, resulting in a 45% increase in pick productivity.

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