Gravity Conveyor Benefits & Features

Say goodbye to malfunctions and damaged equipment and say hello to uninterrupted flow with gravity conveyors that are built to last and engineered for an operation’s dynamic needs. Our team can provide custom variations of products, such as special lengths, widths, roller centers, wheel patterns or modified standards. Contact our team for details.

  • Replace high-maintenance conveyor solutions with rugged, low-maintenance gravity roller conveyors
  • Improve efficiency and throughput
  • Gain access to an extensive line of roller and wheel conveyor solutions
  • Save time and money with lengths manufactured to-the-inch, providing flexibility for almost any situation
  • All steel construction for increased durability
  • Optional aluminum construction
  • Available in multiple standard widths
  • Available in straight lengths up to 144″
  • 45 and 90 degree curves available
  • Numerous spur options to suit most layouts
  • Manual and spring assisted personnel gates
  • Available with square cut ends for permanent installations, notched ends for dropping onto beams, and coped ends for temporary hook and bar layouts
  • Straight and curved sections are available for ultimate flexibility 
  • End treatments, including package stops, impacts plates, and hook and bars
  • Height adjustable H-Supports for permanent installation
  • Powdercoated Steel Tripod supports for temporary installs
  • Easy to install

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1.3" Roller Gravity Conveyor Track

1.38” Diameter Roller Gravity Conveyor (JRS)

Ideal for conveying light-weight packages in operations that require portable or temporary conveyor lines such as warehousing or shipping areas.

1.9" Roller Gravity Conveyor

1.9” Diameter Roller Gravity Conveyor (MRS)

Ideal for conveying medium-weight packages in permanent installations.

Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor Track

Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor (SW)

Ideally suited to convey light-weight packages in operations that require portable or temporary conveyor lines like warehouses and shipping areas.

Options and Accessories

Gravity Conveyor - Spurs


Used to smoothly transfer product from one conveyor line to another or for merging or diverging applications.

UNEX - Gravity Conveyor - Spring Assisted Gate


Available for SW, JRS and MRS series conveyor, spring-assisted gravity gates provide a way for personnel or equipment to pass through the conveyor line.

Gravity Conveyor Supports


“H” type permanent floor supports and portable tripods provide multiple height and weight options and offer strong, dependable support.

Gravity Conveyor Package Stops

Package Stops

“Dead” type package stops work well on skatewheel (SW) or 1.38″ (JRS) conveyor sections.

Gravity Conveyor - Fixed Angle Stop

Fixed Angle End Stop

Angle end stops mount to end of conveyor and bolt to top flange of conveyor side channels.

Gravity Conveyor - Roller Stop

Roller Stop

Roller stops allow for loads to be supported while pulling product from end of conveyor section.

UNEX - Gravity Conveyor - Guard Rail

Guard Rail

Use with SW, JRS and MRS series conveyors; also available for straight and curved sections and available for one or both sides.

UNEX - Gravity Conveyor - Ball Transfer Table

Ball Transfer Tables

Our multidirectional ball transfer tables help position material precisely and are useful for making tight turns when curves aren’t an option.

Companies that Choose UNEX Conveyors

Case study Carton Flow and Conveyor Solutions Maximize Pick Productivity at Capital Candy

Low- and high-profile SpanTrack and conveyor solutions transform pick areas and warehouse space at Capital Candy Co., Inc., enabling the wholesaler to add SKUs and speed productivity.

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Case Study Distributor Reduces Pickers by a Third, Maximizes Space and Efficiency with Roller Rack and Gravity Conveyor

A mezzanine makeover with Roller Rack and Gravity Conveyor gives convenience store distributor George J. Falter Co., Inc. more space for SKUs of all shapes and sizes and a more productive pick.

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