Pallet Track Benefits & Features

Our pallet track rollers and wheel rails feature multiple options, such as two-deep pallet storage lanes, anti-backup stops, special end treatments and more to optimize pallet flow for your operation.

  • Select from a variety of track lengths and mounting options to fit your operation’s needs  
  • Create an ideal FIFO storage system
  • Increase storage density
  • Reduce fork truck operations
  • Reduce labor costs 
  • Reduce damage to inventory
  • Implement a green solution – no energy consumption required
  • Establish a safer environment for workers
  • Available for single or double-deep pallet flow systems
  • Available in lengths from 48” to 144” in 1” increments 
  • Floor mounted or supported by pallet rack beams 
  • Spring-loaded rear stop to prevent pallets from being accidentally pushed back and falling off the rack

UNEX Pallet Flow - Roller Track

Roller Track

Works well when handling single face pallets, Euro style pallets with bottom boards parallel to flow, plastic pallets with feet; ideal for heavier loads.

UNEX - Pallet Flow - Wheel Track

Wheel Track

Staggered wheel type flow rail is commonly used to handle “wrong way” GMA style wooden pallets (with bottom boards perpendicular to flow).

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