What is Each Picking?

Each picking, also known as piece picking or split-case picking, is an order picking process in which a single item or SKU is picked from a master carton. These picks are typically bundled or packaged with other SKUs before being shipped. Each picks consist of a lower volume of SKUs compared to case picks. This results in significantly higher labor-cost-to-revenue ratios in operations where each picking occurs. Each picks are most commonly picked from carton flow or shelving positions that present the opening of the master carton to the picker.

UNEX Each Picking Solutions for Fulfillment

Where Each Picking Is Used

As eCommerce and omnichannel fulfillment operations continue to grow and increase their share of the retail market, each picking operations are also growing in use and scope. Split-case picking operations are employed in distribution centers that are focused on delivering products directly to customers whereas case picking operations are typically used to stock retail locations’ shelves. Big box retailers utilize each picking to prepare orders for in-store or fulfillment center pickup. Open case picking is also crucial for fresh grocery delivery services where grocery orders are picked, prepared, and shipped directly to customers’ homes. Because of the lower revenue and higher labor costs generated by each picking operations, companies need to ensure their processes are optimized for fast, easy, and accurate order fulfillment.

Optimize Each Picking With UNEX

UNEX designs customized each picking solutions with three goals in mind: increase pick rates, decrease mispicks, and improve ergonomics at the point of pick. Keeping each picks in the Golden Zone prevents order pickers from needing to lift above the shoulders or below the waist. UNEX’s split-case picking solutions can be customized to fit a wide variety of rack structures or can be used in conjunction with UNEX carton flow racks. Our each picking solutions feature a full line of accessories to meet the unique needs of your operation – from label holders to dividers, end stops, and more.

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UNEX Each Picking Solutions

Space Optimization

UNEX manufactures engineered-to-order space optimization solutions that allow warehouses and fulfillment operations to condense and organize SKUs. This reduces travel time and maximizes space within your facility. UNEX solutions can drastically increase space utilization within an each picking operation.

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UNEX - Each Picking Carton Flow

Improve SKU Accessibility

UNEX’s carton flow system, SpanTrack, can be knuckled to produce the same results while eliminating the dead zone in your rack. These dramatically boost pick rates by ensuring the desired SKU is always available and easy to access at the point of pick. Knuckled SpanTrack can also be arranged in a layback configuration, which helps to consolidate space while improving access to SKUs at all levels. Knuckled tracks decrease mispicks by making the product easy to see and access.

SpanTrack Carton Flow Solutions

Maximize warehouse space, pick orders faster, and increase accuracy with SpanTrack carton flow solutions. Designed to increase space utilization and ensure FIFO product rotation, SpanTrack creates more warehouse storage space within your racks.

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UNEX manufactures metal pick shelves that are easy to install and fully customizable. Angled shelving accelerates order picking rates and eliminates the dead zone. A solution that is ideal for slow-moving SKUs, pick shelves are a simple and effective tool for split-case picking operations to provide clear visibility and accessibility at the pick point.

Tilted Pick Shelves

Our line of Tilted Pick Shelves presents the top of the master carton to the order picker, allowing the picker to clearly identify and pick the proper SKU in each picking applications.

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How to Optimize Warehouse Space to Increase Pick Speed and Throughput

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