What is a Manufacturing Supermarket?

A manufacturing supermarket, or industrial supermarket, mimics the functionality of a retail supermarket. Factory workers pull components from shelves as they are needed for manufacturing, similar to the way shoppers pull products from grocery store shelves. The idea works by creating miniature stock locations close to your assembly lines, allowing the lines to be replenished quickly and easily by tugger or manual carts, eliminating the need for fork truck traffic in personnel areas.

Create Industrial Supermarkets with UNEX

UNEX offers a number of cost-effective, flexible solutions that can help your operation optimize space to improve processes and increase profits. With our portfolio of manufacturing solutions, we can:

  • Engineer structures that address your operation’s unique storage needs
  • Implement solutions that flow and store totes, boxes, and loose parts of all shapes and sizes
  • Create tilted angle trays and knuckled tracks to deliver the most efficient and safe pick for your works

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A UNEX Manufacturing Supermarket Success Story

At the Toyotetsu plant in Simcoe, Ontario, workers stamp the metal frame parts for cars such as the RAV4, Corolla and Lexus. Plant leaders project considerable growth in the years ahead, which is why they turned to UNEX to help them maximize space and increase storage density for components.


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UNEX Manufacturing Supermarket Solutions

Roller Rack

Roller Rack structures provide carton flow for the various storage mediums used in picking operations. Quick and easy to build, Roller Rack is ideal for industrial supermarkets due to its durable, flexible, and modular design.

In a manufacturing supermarket, SpanTrack is installed inside of a rack structure, such as Roller Rack, to create a supermarket rack from which workers can pick parts. Utilizing Roller Rack with SpanTrack Lane or SpanTrack Wheel Bed will increase space utilization in your supermarket area, reducing workers’ search and travel times and streamlining replenishment.


UNEX - FlowCell - Station


FlowCell modular flow racks are proven to increase efficiency within high-volume operations by creating a seamless integration between the manufacturing supermarket and other areas of a facility.

Ideal for a variety of applications such as lineside storage, sub assembly stations, industrial supermarket racks, and modular mobile carts, FlowCell plays an important role in several key areas of a manufacturing operation. For example, workers picking parts for assembly can use FlowCell mobile carts to transport said parts from the supermarket area to FlowCell lineside storage units or workstations.


Discover Lean Manufacturing Storage Principles

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