Space Optimization & Order Picking Solutions

spantrack lane

span//track lane

SpanTrack carton flow rollers provide the industry’s most efficient, reliable and durable carton flow solution for full case (each) order picking…

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span track wheel bed

span//track wheel bed

SpanTrack wheel beds are engineered to meet the unique demands of your order picking operation. SpanTrack wheel bed will maximize…

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Flow cell


One of the best ways to boost productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and maximize your space is to implement Flow…

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Speedcell UNEX


Maximize warehouse space, pick orders faster, and increase accuracy with Speedcell- a dynamic, high-density storage solution designed to save time, space, and money…

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SpeedCartt™ is a fast mobile picking cart that can supplement order fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demands, and more. Configurable for either…

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Spantrack Keg Flow

span//track keg flow

A high-density keg storage solution that uses UNEX’s industry-leading carton flow rollers to accomodate a variety of keg shapes and sizes…

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Roller Rack


UNEX engineers design gravity flow rack systems that optimize efficiency, safety and FIFO rotation on the pick line. Our Roller Rack structures are…

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gravity conveyor


Gravity conveyor can help you improve efficiency and increase throughput. With minimal investment, gravity conveyor can help your warehouse move all…

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Pick shelves


Angled metal shelving from UNEX will accelerate order picking rates and improve worker comfort. UNEX offers angled pick shelves…

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Shelf track


Shelf Track from UNEX replaces unreliable plastic wheel rails with a durable carton flow system that drops easily into your existing racks and shelves…

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Pallet track


Pallet flow systems are essential for many material handling facilities, but choosing the best one for your operation can be confusing. Our engineers have…

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