A dynamic storage position for safer and faster picks.

Pick Plank is a unique drop-in shelf unit for use with pallet rack with the unique ability to slide the plank forward. This ability to bring your stored product forward with minimal strain improves visibility, ergonomics, and safety for your workforce. The reduction in beam clearance results in approximately 40% more space utilization. Pick Plank helps users reduce errors and scratched picks, and allows a faster pick with minimal reaching. No reaching means no awkward or strenuous picks, keeping your pickers happy and health. Finally, Pick Plank increases storage density by reducing pick level clearances previously needed to reach the back of the shelf.Stop reaching and start picking smarter.


  • All steel construction for maximum durability.
  • Retrofits to bulk or pallet rack.
  • Solid carrier surface allows for fast, safe picks of slow to medium moving and/or non-conveyable products.
  • Roller bearing plank provides an effortless pull of just 3% of total weight with a maximum of 22 pounds of pull.
  • Self-locking handle secures plank from moving when loading and picking.
  • Backed by a seven year warranty.
  • Fits any 42″ deep bulk and pallet rack.
  • 1,500 pound capacity with the moveable plank holding half the load.


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