Retail Storage Solutions

Why Storage Matters In Retail

Spurred on by the infamous “Amazon Effect” and operational shifts in the industry, customers expect quick shipping, delivery, and pick up options – and retailers must evolve to stay competitive. In response, many retailers have turned their brick & mortar stores into fulfillment centers in an effort to reduce transportation costs and to speed fulfillment. 

In most retail spaces, retail backroom blueprints weren’t designed for eCommerce. Traditional models of regional distribution and weekly restocks won’t meet customer demands such as two-day shipping and more product variations. Despite the change in expectations, retailers still need to use what they have to accommodate customers and maintain profitable margins. Growing and evolving businesses require more storage capacity and that means more space. However, many businesses can’t afford that financial hit of upgrading spaces while staying competitive. In addition, moving spaces is generally near impossible due to the logistics of running a store. 

Dynamic storage solutions maximize storage density and accessibility in retail spaces. By recovering floor space and increasing storage capacity, retail storage solutions will help retailers stay competitive as new products enter the market and consumer expectations adapt.


Overcome Retail Storage Space Challenges

Retail environments are constantly changing to adapt to buyer trends around new products and consumer preferences. Certain products may be hot for a few weeks, requiring retailers to purchase large amounts to keep up with demand, only to have those same products sit in piles in the backroom when buyers move on to the next big product. As such, retailers are often challenged with backroom storage issues around overstock and inventory. With personalized products and product variations on the rise, retailers are also faced with an increase of SKUs, which can make meeting the consumer’s expectation of quick delivery times a challenge. 

According to McKinsey, online retail sales are growing 15% every year. As eCommerce gains momentum, retailers will also be required to store packing supplies in their space to fulfill orders or accommodate services like curbside pick up. To further complicate things, retail is rapidly morphing into an omnichannel model, with online orders, micro-fulfillment, and in-store pickup becoming a few of the fastest growing omnichannel ordering models, with growth of anywhere from 40% to 70%, depending on the product.

Relocating stores or renting new storage spaces is often a costly and impractical solution to overcoming these everyday challenges. Overfull retail space is often the result of inappropriate storage solutions for the needs of the business. Rather, implementing scalable, reconfigurable retail storage solutions that can adapt the building according to what the market needs is essential.

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UNEX Solutions for Retail Storage

Dynamic retail storage solutions by UNEX are easy-to-install and reconfigurable according to the current needs of retailers and their building’s unique backroom and customer pickup area footprints. They address common pain points of retailers such as SKU proliferation and product trends by being a cost-effective solution that can be immediately implemented and reconfigured or scaled based on current buyer behaviors.


High-Density Storage - SpeedCell at Overtons
UNEX SpeedCell warehouse storage racks


High-density storage solutions like UNEX SpeedCell help retailers maximize SKUs in a limited storage space that is reserved for overstocked items. SpeedCell can increase storage density by 40-60% and dramatically improve pick speeds and accuracy. This can result in valuable time and cost savings when used in retail backrooms and customer pick up areas.



Suitable for everyday retail activities such as organizing inventory, seasonal demands, and managing customer pick up, SpeedCartt is a mobile, high-density storage solution that works in the most demanding retail environments. Constructed from the same lightweight, yet heavy-duty materials as SpeedCell, SpeedCartt helps retail workers pull and organize multiple product types simultaneously to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


UNEX picking cart SpeedCartt
UNEX - FlowCell - Mobile Unit - Wheel Bed


FlowCell flow racks by UNEX are modular storage units that can be specifically configured to accommodate a retailer’s unique operation and fit the space constraints of a backroom or pick up area. By configuring as an engineered-to-order workstation, retailers experience maximum efficiency by organizing inventory or staging orders at ergonomic elevations.


Pick Shelves

Easy-to-mount pick shelves are customizable and fit perfectly in the existing racks and workstations in retail backrooms. The pick shelves are angled to provide the worker with clear visibility and accessibility at the pick point. Pick Shelves can be used with FlowCell workstations from UNEX to give workers the most precise and efficient


Pick Shelves

Quickstart Guide to Microfulfillment

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