SKUBE Slotting Analysis


Are your SKUs slotted, prioritized, and stored in the best medium?

Are you able to analyze the movement of your inventory? Can you map that movement to a warehouse design? The UNEX developed SKUBE slotting software evaluates your specific operation and provides you with a custom, 3D AutoCAD model of your warehouse.

SKUBE can help you prioritize and optimize your operation's throughput and, allow you to strategically slot your SKUs to the proper storage medium.


SKUBE's operating cost and benefit analysis can be used to:

  • Analyze warehouse productivity
  • Strategically store and flow SKUs
  • Define the best storage mediums for your product mix
  • Output a 3D model of your optimized warehouse
  • Improve ergonomics, safety and capacity
  • Maximize storage density and space utilization

SKUBE will provide you with an optimized model that will help reduce footsteps, decrease search and travel, and increase your overall order picking productivity to keep your processes and profits flowing.

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