No matter what their business may be, every operations manager faces the same challenge- how do you move your SKUs from point A to point B? Whether it’s an engine block, an e-reader, or an éclair, every single operation needs an efficient way to move products through and out of their facility.  Conveyors provide a simple solution to this ever-present challenge.Conveyors allow you to move products through your facility in a fast, efficient, and safe manner. They ensure workers aren’t carrying heavy parts or products around the facility, wasting time transporting materials from one place to another. They can also be used instead of fork lifts and other equipment to reduce operating costs, better utilize space, and reduce risks to pedestrians (and fork truck drivers).More specifically, gravity conveyor is a type of unpowered conveyor that utilizes pitch (or manual force) to move products and parts from point A to point B. Gravity conveyor can provide many of the same benefits as powered conveyor without the extra costs in maintenance and energy usage, or can be used to complement powered conveyor systems.


Gravity conveyor is ever-present in almost any industry that involves product movement. In distribution operations, gravity conveyor is used in pick modules to move completed picks from the module to the packing and shipping area. In manufacturing operations, gravity conveyor is used to move parts from one assembly station to the next. In logistics hubs, gravity conveyor can be used to load and unload trucks with product. Even retail operations use gravity conveyor to sequence orders and more efficiently move product into and out of their stock rooms.


UNEX manufactures a full line of customizable gravity conveyor solutions for a multitude of applications. We provide both roller and skatewheel conveyors for portable or permanent applications, along with a full offering of accessories like stops, gates, guardrails, and more. Our gravity conveyor is manufactured to the inch based on your specific needs, eliminating the need for you to cut and deburr lengths of conveyor to fit your operation.UNEX also offers a quick ship program for select models and sizes of our gravity conveyor for customers who have an immediate and urgent need. This program guarantees that your order will ship and be en route to your facility in 72 hours.Our conveyors make it possible for customers to connect all their integral operations with a custom solution that keeps their processes and profits flowing, all while reducing superfluous noise and emissions in their facility. UNEX’s two year warranty ensures that these solutions will stand the test of time.

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