SKU Proliferation, Limited Space, Sluggish Pick Rates, and the E-Commerce Boom- These are Among the Many Challenges Confronting Distribution Centers.

UNEX is the industry’s leader in providing unique order picking solutions for the distribution industry. Our products have helped distributors reduce travel time on the pick line by up to 80% and increase pick productivity by more than 40%. We have helped multiple distribution centers triple and even quadruple the number of SKUs stored in the same footprint. How do we do it? First, we get to know your operation. Using SKUBE, our in-house slotting analysis tool, we scrutinize your existing processes, and then we design solutions that will get you on the path to higher productivity and profitability.How do UNEX solutions handle common problems in the distribution industry?

Pick rates are down from excessive walking and searching for the right SKU.
Stock rotation is a sticking point that results in expired SKUs being shipped.
You’re running out of space in your racking.

UNEX can provide carton flow for pallet rack that allows a warehouse or distribution center to utilize existing rack structures for more than just pallet positions. The integration of picking from carton flow alongside pallet picking creates an efficient pick line layout that helps maximize picking efficiency.UNEX order picking solutions are designed to drop into an existing rack layout, condensing inventory and reducing travel time up to 85%. With capacities up to 100 pounds per foot, we have a solution for every SKU you need to store.

Finding the right storage medium for each SKU is a struggle.
Product throughput isn’t used to find ideal slotting locations.
Perishable inventory is being lost due to improper rotation and storage.
Awkward picks are causing injuries in your workforce.

Picking orders is the core function of most warehouses and distribution centers, and account for 75% of a facility’s operating costs. Many of these picks are full case picks from a variety of storage mediums, and the majority of these picks are performed manually by warehouse employees. That’s why UNEX focuses on solutions that eliminate valuable seconds from pick times and help customers orient their operation with SKUBE, our warehouse slotting analysis software.UNEX solutions are designed to drop into your existing rack structures, eliminating the need to reconfigure a warehouse layout. The resulting system creates FIFO storage that condenses and organizes inventory, freeing up to 40% more space. Flow lanes keep product up front, eliminating the need to reach and bend and improving ergonomics. Our SKUBE software ensures all your SKUs are stored in the proper location and storage medium based on throughput, optimizing every inch of your order picking operation for fast, safe, and accurate picks.

Round objects are not available at the point of pick.
Chimes around the bottom of tubs are hanging up on your existing carton flow solution.
Ergonomic issues with heavy pails and kegs are creating hazardous picks for your workers.

There are many round products in a variety of industries. From paint cans to beer kegs, they all present their own unique storage issues. UNEX offers carton flow solutions specific to round objects that help distributors improve the ergonomics and efficiency of their picks. Our engineers have designed full-width rollers that properly support almost any container bottom and full-length guardrails that keep products in line and flowing straight to the point of pick.

Slow movers are clogging up valuable floor and rack space.
Workers are reaching deep into racks to find slow moving products, risking injury and slowing down picks.

Slow moving SKUs typically represent 80% of inventory and are the most inefficient picks in a distribution center or warehouse. UNEX solutions include tilted shelving structures supporting up to 50 pounds per square foot, keeping slow moving items flowing to the point of pick and ensuring safe, easy picks for distribution center employees. UNEX’s unique “pick tunnel” solution can increase the pick rates of slow movers while reducing travel time and integrating slow movers more seamlessly into your picking operation.

Cartons are hung up on narrow plastic wheel rails in your carton flow rack.
You are spending too much of your maintenance budget on damaged wheel rails.
Workers immediately reach for a shepherd’s hook when picking from your flow racks.

Carton flow shelves full of plastic wheel rails have been the dominant solution in the light duty market for a long time. The shelves rest on pins, which install inside a steel framework, creating a carton flow system with a low initial cost- but plenty of limitations.UNEX designs a low-profile carton flow system specifically designed to replace plastic wheel rails with either a full-width roller for optimum carton support or a universal carton flow bed for maximum flexibility. Both solutions are designed to be a direct, drop-in replacement for plastic wheel rails, allowing reuse of existing carton flow shelves and structures.

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