Lifting and Bending in Your Shipping Department Can Take a Serious Toll on Your Workforce. Let us Help You Take the Load Off.

UNEX designs and manufactures a range of durable, flexible and economical material handling solutions that move materials of varying shapes and sizes to and from trucks and vans. Our creative and experienced engineers analyze an operation’s existing setup and customize staging and loading and unloading solutions that prevent injuries, accelerate material handling and ensure a reliable flow for filling and receiving orders.’How do UNEX solutions handle common logistics problems

Pallets are ineffectively staged and sequenced in your shipping areas.
Pallets are sitting on the floor and creating safety issues.
You are struggling to achieve first in first out pallet storage.

Pallets play a crucial role in warehouse operations. Most inventory arrives on a pallet, gets processed, then leaves on a pallet. The majority of an operation’s SKUs spend all of their time on a pallet. That’s why UNEX has developed dynamic pallet handling solutions to make moving all those pallets fast, safe, and efficient.Our two-deep Pallet Track solution eliminates double handling of pallets and reduces restocking requirements by 50%. Floor-mounted pallet conveyor can provide accumulated storage that requires no additional equipment to stage, sequence, and manipulate pallets in a shipping area. These solutions also provide first in first out flow, ensuring time-sensitive orders are properly sequenced and leave your loading docks first.

You are unable to establish temporary conveyor lines to accommodate peak season demand.
You need a rugged solution for loading and unloading in extreme conditions?
Existing conveyor lines are not flexible enough for your changing needs.

No matter what their business may be, every operations manager faces the same challenge- how do you move your SKUs from point A to point B? Whether it’s an engine block, an e-reader, or an éclair, every single operation needs an efficient way to move products through and out of their facility. Conveyors provide a simple solution to this ever-present challenge.UNEX manufactures a full line of customizable gravity conveyor solutions for a multitude of applications. We provide both roller and skatewheel conveyors for portable or permanent applications, along with a full offering of accessories like stops, gates, guardrails, and more. Our gravity conveyor is manufactured to the inch based on your specific needs, eliminating the need for you to cut and deburr lengths of conveyor to fit your operation- or choose from our standard lengths for shorter lead times.UNEX also provides our Flex Wheel Series Gravity Conveyor, a flexible conveyor solution that allows you to deploy efficient conveyor lines where you need them, when you need them. These conveyors are ideal for handling seasonal surges and making sure your loading dock can keep pace with increased demand.