To Keep Pace with Customer Demands, Manufacturing Requires Flexible, Space-Saving, Durable and Efficient Lineside Order Picking Solutions.

The production line is changing.Many manufacturing facilities are changing their ways as they implement lean manufacturing principles on their shop floors. Ergonomics, efficiency, just-in-time production, first in first out rotation, and flexibility are among the many factors changing the shape of assembly lines around the world.Innovative products from UNEX help keep your assembly line moving without interruption, errors or injuries. Our expert Pickologists design optimal storage units to create organized and efficient parts picking for just in time (JIT) and buffer operations. With UNEX solutions, your manufacturing operation will achieve the best mix of carton flow, lane and aisle configurations, workstations, return lanes and pick trays, all designed to keep your processes and profits flowing.How do UNEX solutions handle common problems in the manufacturing industry?

You don’t have any pallet rack, but need dynamic storage for your parts.
You need to create supermarket storage for your assembly line.
Your pallet rack is too bulky or not designed to meet your storage needs.

UNEX Manufacturing can provide you with customized dynamic racks that can be used as intermediary storage to quickly and accurately replenish your assembly line with the parts you need to get the job done. Our manufacturing supermarket solutions drastically reduce travel and search time for parts replenishment, and ensure that your assembly line workers maximize their time at their workstations doing value-added activities.UNEX’s standalone carton flow solutions can support up to 100 pounds per foot and are covered by our comprehensive seven year warranty, ensuring our solutions will stand up to even the toughest manufacturing applications.

Assembly workers are spending too much time hunting down parts and products to replenish their workstations.
Your assembly workers are suffering from repetitive stress injuries or other work related musculoskeletal disorders.
You are struggling to organize your finished goods.

UNEX’s lean workstations integrate our industry-leading carton flow solutions with galvanized steel workbenches as well as overhead toolbars to hold all of the equipment needed for a task- while making sure reaching, bending, and other risky body movements are minimized by keeping parts and products easily within reach. Return lanes can flow empty totes or finished goods away from the operator for pickup by the material handling team.Our workstations are designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind and allow you to effectively practice 5S and other workplace organizational processes. Customized to the inch and complemented with a slew of accessories, UNEX lean workstations are guaranteed to help employees work faster, more accurately, and safer.

Your assembly line is cluttered with inventory?
Parts and products are not being clearly presented to assembly line workers.
You are struggling to implement FIFO rotation on the assembly line.

UNEX modular carton flow systems are designed specifically for individual applications to address the unique storage needs of manufacturing facilities. With a variety of presentation options like knuckles, trays, and adjustable elevations, a UNEX lineside rack can be optimized to make part picking faster, easier, and more accurate for assembly line workers.UNEX’s lineside racking solutions will help you dramatically condense and organize your parts and products to improve your space utilization and help you eliminate the clutter clogging up your assembly line.

Slow movers are clogging up valuable floor and rack space.
Workers are reaching deep into racks to find slow moving products, risking injury and slowing down picks.

Slow moving SKUs typically represent 80% of inventory and are the most inefficient picks in a distribution center or warehouse. UNEX solutions include tilted shelving structures supporting up to 50 pounds per square foot, keeping slow moving items flowing to the point of pick and ensuring safe, easy picks for distribution center employees. UNEX’s unique “pick tunnel” solution can increase the pick rates of slow movers while reducing travel time and integrating slow movers more seamlessly into your picking operation.

Cartons are hung up on narrow plastic wheel rails in your carton flow rack.
You are spending too much of your maintenance budget on damaged wheel rails.
Workers immediately reach for a shepherd’s hook when picking from your flow racks.

Carton flow shelves full of plastic wheel rails have been the dominant solution in the light duty market for a long time. The shelves rest on pins, which install inside a steel framework, creating a carton flow system with a low initial cost- but plenty of limitations.UNEX designs a low-profile carton flow system specifically designed to replace plastic wheel rails with either a full-width roller for optimum carton support or a universal carton flow bed for maximum flexibility. Both solutions are designed to be a direct, drop-in replacement for plastic wheel rails, allowing reuse of existing carton flow shelves and structures.


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