Part picking is an integral, non-value added activity that takes place in all manufacturing operations. Part picking is the act of picking an item vital to the manufacture of a larger product. Part picking can occur in multiple locations on the manufacturing floor. Because part picking involves movement and transportation that does not transform a product toward completion, it is considered a non-value added activity. This means manufacturers must find ways to minimize the lost time (and money) that results from part picking on the manufacturing floor.


Part picking is used in virtually every manufacturing operation and can become a time-consuming process- especially for manufacturers that have yet to embrace and implement lean manufacturing. At a workstation on an assembly line, workers who are assembling products need to pick parts to combine with the item they are working on. When these workstations are depleted, a picker must pick parts from a manufacturing supermarket near the assembly line. When the manufacturing supermarket is then in turn depleted, a worker must pick and transport parts from reserve storage (or from shipping and receiving as new parts are delivered) in order to keep the manufacturing process moving.Part picking is especially prevalent in subassembly and kitting operations, where multiple parts must be configured or bundled together before the next stage in the manufacturing process can begin. These operations require workers to quickly pick and arrange parts, replenish their supply of parts, and remove clutter (like empty totes or containers) without slowing down the assembly line.


UNEX solutions can be used to minimize the impact part picking has on your manufacturing operation. Our flow racks can feed parts right to your workers, and can be customized with workbenches, overhead tool bars, monitor arms, and many other accessories to keep your workers humming along with little to no interruption. These flow racks allow you to increase storage density on the assembly line without increasing the footprint of your workstations, allowing your workers to complete more tasks without making a trip to the manufacturing supermarket to replenish their parts.This space saving benefit means more density in your manufacturing supermarket as well, which reduces travel and other non-value added actions your workers must take to complete their assignments. Less trips to the supermarket (and your reserve storage) means more time completing activities that add value to your manufacturing process. Our solutions can be designed to be portable, allowing you to bring your storage directly to your workers or move your workstations for reconfiguration or cleaning.

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