Customers Want Fast and Accurate Order Fulfillment. Is Your Retail Operation Up to the Task?

The e-commerce boom has changed the face of retail order fulfillment. Now, retailers must keep their in-store shelves stocked while also picking, packing, and shipping thousands of online orders in order to stay competitive. These small and frequent orders prevent new challenges for the retail industry that require new and innovative solutions. UNEX designs and manufactures customized solutions for retailers that allow for faster picks, more organized packing stations, and properly stages inventory that keeps customers satisfied.How do UNEX solutions handle common retail problems?

Workers are inaccurately picking from master packs for individual orders.
Average order fulfillment time is exceeding customer expectations.
You are dealing with inefficient split-case storage and pick points.

In most distribution environments, each pick represents a smaller percentage of orders than case picking. However, the opposite is true of retail environments, where the vast majority of orders require split case picks. These picks are historically more labor intensive, and require workers to locate the SKU and pick the appropriate item from a master pack.UNEX offers a variety of customized split case picking solutions that can speed up order fulfillment times for retailers. Our SpeedCell solution offers high-density storage for individual items within clearly labelled and organized cells, reducing the travel and search time required to locate and pick the needed SKU. Our Span-Track Lane and Span-Track Wheelbed solutions can be designed with tilted trays, knuckled tracks, label holders, and other accessories that increase picking accuracy and reduce returns due to error. Finally, our SKUBE solution can ensure your SKUs are slotted in the most efficient location possible, ensuring retail operations can meet the frenetic pace of online orders.

Inaccurately fulfilled orders are leading to customer complaints.
Packing stations are disorganized, with tools, packing materials, orders, and finished goods intermingling.
Orders are not properly sequenced for packing and fulfillment.

UNEX workstations can remove the headaches caused by poorly optimized packing stations for retail orders. Our Flow Cell solution allows workers to feed SKUs into workstations in a consistent sequence that prevents errors in the packing process and keeps the necessary SKUs for an order at the point of pick. UNEX workstations integrate our industry-leading carton flow solutions with steel workbenches and a variety of accessories to reduce clutter in a packer’s workspace and keep the packing process neat, orderly, and accurate.Our packing stations can be integrated with conveyor pointing to your shipping and receiving area in order to keep packers preparing orders- without wasting time transporting finished orders manually to the loading dock. This keeps finished orders flowing out for shipment in a proper sequence and makes sure your packing stations do not become overwhelmed with orders waiting to be packed.

Packing stations are not effectively integrated with shipping and receiving
Your outgoing orders are bottlenecked at your packing stations.
Outbound orders are being improperly sequenced.

Our full line of gravity conveyor solutions can connect every aspect of your retail operation to the next, making sure your workers are not manually hauling finished picks to packing stations or walking finished orders to the loading dock. This protects your workers from injury while keeping them working within their zones, drastically reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Our gravity conveyor solution ensures your orders are progressing in sequence so your most urgent orders hit the loading dock first. With both temporary and permanent options, UNEX’s gravity conveyor solutions can be scaled to meet seasonal demand, keeping an orderly flow even during peak demand and making sure delivery trucks are out making their rounds as quickly as possible.