Retail Storage Solutions for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Space-Saving Retail Distribution and Backroom Storage Solutions Increase Efficiency

Two-day, next day, same day, two-hour delivery… customers’ expectations are changing and retailers are experiencing an increased demand for quick ship delivery that requires a bold response in order to stay competitive. Retailers need to evolve the way they do business and incorporate the appropriate retail storage solutions required to maximize efficiency; from the retail warehouse, to backroom storage and in-store customer pickup areas.

The typical retail model is a regional distribution center that services brick and mortar stores within a specified radius with a weekly restock. Weekly replenishment and quick ship order fulfillment won’t work to meet customers’ needs. The retail business model needs to transform – but how can eCommerce and retail bricks and mortar stores work efficiently to get process, store, pick, pack, and ship products to keep customers coming back for more?

Retail Backroom

Leveraging Dynamic Storage Solutions for Omnichannel Fulfillment and Retail Backroom


Typical retail backrooms were not designed or equipped for eCommerce fulfillment. There is often minimal storage and organization, generally used for retail overstock.

In addition to space and storage issues related to the retail products themselves, retailers now need to find room to store packing supplies and make space for employees for order picking, packing, and shipping. It is impractical and costly to relocate retail inventory to acquire the required backroom storage.

UNEX retail storage solutions


Retailers can leverage innovative retail storage solutions to optimize eCommerce fulfillment by maximizing storage density and accessibility in small spaces in the retail backroom.

Retail solutions like SpeedCell allow a retail backroom to maximize the number of SKUs in a storage space that was once reserved for a few overstocked items. Condensing a storage area is easy with products like SpanTrack and SpeedCell that provide drastically higher density than other retailing shelving or pallet racks.

In addition, modular order picking and packing workstations, like those built with FlowCell, allow companies to design their stations to fit the constraints of their backroom storage. An engineered-to-order omnichannel fulfillment workstation allows for maximum efficiency by storing, organizing, and presenting items at ergonomically efficient elevations.

Another excellent tool for unloading trucks carrying retail products and quickly staging products for eCommerce fulfillment: flexible conveyors, which folds up when not in use, freeing up valuable backroom space. Gravity powered flexible conveyors allow for quick and efficient truck loading and unloading without the noise, hassle, and expense of powered unloaders that need to be plugged in. These conveyors enable boxes to flow down, leveraging gravity, which eliminates the stress of lifting, carrying, and walking with heavy boxes.

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