Warehouse Storage Solutions

Solve Storage, Space, and Flow Challenges with UNEX Storage Systems

Warehouse storage solutions help companies maximize warehouse space and offer a variety of operational benefits that increase supply chain efficiency and boost employee productivity.

Increase Productivity up to 30% with Warehouse Storage Solutions by UNEX

Rather than having to fund an expansion, an effective warehouse storage solution enables organizations to work at peak productivity within their existing footprint. In order to maximize their space utilization, companies need to implement the right size product storage system for their operations. Effective storage solutions have the potential to save employees time searching for materials and reduce travel time for pickers.

To maximize the number of orders filled in a given day, storage solutions that ensure FIFO rotations are crucial because inventory is quickly replenished from the back without interrupting order picking in front.

UNEX helps distributors, manufacturers, and retailers increase their supply chain efficiency and boost employee productivity with its robust portfolio of engineered-to-order storage solutions.

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SpeedCell High-Density Storage is a dynamic, warehouse storage solution that is uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing space within standard pallet racking. Its compact design can compress 200′ of rack or shelving into 40′ of highly organized space and can increase storage density by 40% to 60%.

Key benefits of SpeedCell include:

  • Cost-Efficiency – SpeedCell can help reduce picker travel time by 80% and reduce overall labor costs by up to 40%
  • High-Density – SpeedCell transforms vacant space into highly-efficient storage space to increase storage density by up to 60%
  • Configurability – SpeedCell is easily moved and adjusted to accommodate warehouse needs, with configurations available up to eight rows deep

Pallet Track

Pallet Track is a durable, pallet-flow system that utilizes rollers or wheel rails to optimize warehouse flow. It is designed to create a FIFO storage system because inventory or product is loaded from the rear and removed from the front. This capability increases workplace efficiency and reduces overall labor costs.

Key benefits of Pallet Track include:

  • Modularity – Pallet Track is offered in custom lengths to fit every warehouse’s unique blueprint
  • Flexibility – Pallet Track can be mounted on both the floor and racks
  • Safety – Pallet Track has a spring-loaded rear stop that prevents pallets from accidentally falling off or being pushed back

Improve Warehouse Efficiency with UNEX

UNEX warehouse storage solutions are easy to implement and designed to fit within your facility’s unique blueprint. Additionally, UNEX products are easily integrated into existing rack structures. UNEX’s storage systems are ideal for distribution, manufacturing, and retail operations where facilities need to improve efficiency within existing workspaces.

Guide to Optimizing Warehouse Space Utilization

The Guide to Optimizing Warehouse Space Utilization will help distribution center and warehouse managers better optimize their warehouse space, resulting in reduced overhead costs, improved efficiencies and increased productivity.

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