Warehouse Storage Solutions

Why Warehouse Storage Solutions?

Did you know that only 20% of current warehouse space is being used to its full potential? Warehouse storage solutions help companies maximize warehouse space and offer a variety of operational benefits that increase supply chain efficiency and boost employee productivity.

Proper storage solutions not only optimize available space, they make it easier for workers to locate and retrieve products safely and efficiently.

How Storage Solutions Solve Warehouse Challenges

A disorganized warehouse space prevents companies from maximizing profitability. Long paths between products, inefficient warehouse storage solutions, and unlabeled inventory all result in wasted time for workers. A successfully-managed warehouse, however, provides major benefits across the company.

Warehouse storage solutions in particular help solve the following challenges:

  • Insufficient Storage Capacity: Warehouse and distribution center managers are constantly identifying opportunities to efficiently utilize existing space and meet capacity needs. Leveraging warehouse storage solutions enables warehouses to store more products in the same footprint.
  • Picker Productivity: Excess picker search and travel time is wasteful, heightens the chance of a mispick, and negatively impacts your bottom line. To maximize worker productivity, warehouses should condense and label SKUs to ensure they are accessible and easy to find.
  • Disorganized Product: Fulfillment centers need to keep up with consumer demand. Customized storage puts high-volume items in easy-to-access areas and keeps low-volume products accessible, but in less high-profile positions.
  • High Labor Costs: Labor costs account for 60-80% of a fulfillment operation‘s expenses. Teams can decrease labor costs by streamlining packing and shipping processes. The best way to reduce labor costs is to leverage storage to reduce travel and search time and increase the picks-per-day rate. Organized storage also empowers smaller staff to get more picks in per day, for maximum productivity.

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Manual vs. Automated Warehouse Solutions

In order to reduce production and labor costs, companies are using automated solutions such as robots in various operations, from grabbing bins filled with merchandise to stacking these bins onto pallets. Robots help perform tasks and cut down travel time for workers. Because there is no need for aisle space to accommodate large groups of people, shelves are packed more densely.

However, while automation is a viable option for optimizing warehouse processes, it comes with drawbacks. It’s more expensive to scale, increases the cost of electricity, and requires specific technical knowledge to operate. Additionally, there are still some tasks where humans outperform robots – one of which is the ability to efficiently pick individual items of varying sizes and shapes off the shelves.

Solve Space and Flow Challenges with UNEX Storage Systems

An effective warehouse storage solution enables organizations to work at peak productivity within their existing footprint. In order to maximize their space utilization, companies need to implement the right size product storage system for their operations. Effective storage solutions have the potential to reduce search and travel time

UNEX helps order fulfillment, logistics, and retail companies increase their supply chain efficiency with its robust portfolio of engineered-to-order storage solutions, including:


SpeedCell is a dynamic warehouse storage solution that is uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing space within standard pallet racking. Its compact design can compress 200′ of rack or shelving into 40′ of highly organized space and can increase storage density by 40% to 60%.

Key benefits of SpeedCell include: 

  • Cost-Efficiency – SpeedCell can help reduce picker travel time by 80% and reduce overall labor costs by up to 40%
  • High-Density Storage – SpeedCell transforms vacant space into highly-efficient storage space to increase storage density by up to 60% 
  • Configurability – SpeedCell is easily moved and adjusted to accommodate warehouse needs, with configurations available up to eight rows deep


SpanTrack is an innovative, carton-flow solution that easily drops into existing pallet rack structures to create an efficient, reliable and durable flow system. SpanTrack carton flow rollers provide up to 300% more product contact than traditional plastic wheel lanes, resulting in better flow, fewer hang-ups, and increased throughput. 

Key benefits of SpanTrack include: 

  • Versatility – SpanTrack drops into a facility’s new or existing pallet rack. 
  • Flexibility – SpanTrack’s configurable design provides the flexibility to store products with varying sizes and weights. 
  • Durability – SpanTrack is durable enough to withstand active warehouse and assembly operations.

Pallet Track

Pallet Track is a durable, pallet-flow system that utilizes rollers or wheel rails to optimize warehouse flow. It is designed to create a FIFO storage system because inventory or product is loaded from the rear and removed from the front. This capability increases workplace efficiency and reduces overall labor costs. 

Key benefits of Pallet Track include: 

  • Modularity – Pallet Track is offered in custom lengths to fit every warehouse’s unique blueprint.
  • Flexibility – Pallet Track can be mounted on both the floor and racks. 
  • Safety – Pallet Track has a spring-loaded rear stop that prevents pallets from accidentally falling off or being pushed back.